Can The Zohar help me?

  • Can The Zohar help me?
  • Can The Zohar help quit smoking?
  • Can The Zohar help me cure cancer?
  • Can The Zohar help me with ..........?

This is a complicated question, but it has a simple answer. Please give it 2 minutes, read below and you will understand.

The Zohar is considered a remedy. This means it has to be taken like medicine. It might be bitter. With medicine we don't know exactly how it works but we trust it that it will bring us healing.

The Zohar only speaks about corrections, and specifically only about corrections in regards to other people, the circles of people that surround our will to receive: such as family, relatives, friends and strangers.

Correction seems like a bad thing, seems like will bring us more suffering, but it is not so. It comes from the word to correct, repair or fix something (also improvement, rectification, modification, amendment, adjustment, tweak). Generally it involves some work but in the end there is satisfaction and achievement.

Correcting our relationship towards others, also brings about an "alignment" in our life that has a positive impact on everything we do.

It will help us avoid external suffering. However there is no "miracle cure" here. The amount of suffering we experience in life is a constant, but we can shift this suffering from being external to being internal, an inner struggle aimed towards correction. As a result, you will experience joy, health and alleviate external sufferings.

The Zohar is meant to bring flavor in your life the same way salt brings flavor to food. Don't overuse it just sprinkle a little bit and see the results unfold. I strongly urge you to give it a try, you have nothing to loose and I strive to keep everything on this website free for everyone.

I hope your heart will be filled with the sweetness in The Book of Zohar, and it will bring peace in your Heart and Mind.

Approach it scientifically and not in a mystical manner and you will see it works. Corrections are not occult but mater of method and work, just like fixing anything else in your life. Work with people, and your heart will open and abundance will flow.

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