Finding Love in your Life

Why dating sites don’t work? It is because they are based on connecting people via their external similarities, but a lasting relationship is based on overcoming the inherent differences. If you are looking for a certain someone that will be a “mini me” you are bound to fail. You should rather look for someone that completes you.

Dating someone that will be virtually identical to me brings a short lived fulfillment, and as soon as differences start to come up the relationship struggles.

This is because the basic desire here is egoistic, based on fulfilling my own needs, where as a true relationship based on love is about fulfilling the needs of the other.

Here is an example to clarify what this means. Each of us has a certain amount of self-centered tendencies such as desires for domination or pride. When we examine ourselves, we don’t really notice them. But when we see others acting out of a craving to dominate or to boast, for the most part it annoys us.

Truly the others are but a mirror to see our own faults and correct them.