The Zohar for Beginners

You can read the book in order, at random, or pick a specific chapter is not important, important are the following:

1. Read a few minutes throughout the day and if possible 15 min before bed at night and/or when you wake up.

2. I strongly recommend a hard copy, purchase the book from If you have no other choice you can downland the PDF or the Word document for free.

3. Before reading, focus yourself for a few minutes by reading a passage from Appendix C in the book on page 249 on how to prepare to read The Zohar. It talks about the approach, the effort, confusions and disturbances etc.

4. During the reading you have to remain focused on the goal: “to correct our relationships to others that are divided into several circles with respect to our ego: family, relatives, friends and strangers.” Remember that a correct relationship is one where you have to use both Judgment and Mercy.

5. Remember that The Zohar speaks about the internal scrutiny I must conduct within.  Not a single word here is about this world, but only about a person’s inner world. I must delve within me and find which of my qualities reflect each word written there. There are only two qualities within me: reception and bestowal, nothing more. Start digging inside and search, as if in the dark with the light of a candle, where those two qualities reside within you, the way The Zohar refers to them.

Good Luck! and please share your honest impressions and stories on our Facebook Page.

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