Reading The Zohar leads us to a transformed view of the world, of our lives, and of everything taking place within and outside of us. The Zohar begins to focus us and to give us a different perspective from the one we’ve been used to up until now. We will begin to view the texts we read differently.

Thus, gradually, we will gain some type of true feeling of the activating, protecting, bestowing and the leading force which will bring totally new discernments regarding Evolution and Nature. Therefore, we must try to remain inspired from the reading as much as possible, to enter it to the greatest extent, and to live reality in the perspective of correcting our relationships towards other people.

We should desire to see, understand, feel, and to experience everything taking place within that entire desire called “reality”. It’s of extreme importance to continue that inspiration and that enlightenment as much as possible when we leave The Book and not to let it be extinguished during our busy day.