Understanding The Zohar

No prior knowledge is required when reading this book, in fact it might be a mental weight as we wrongfully tend to materialize what the Zohar speaks about.

The Book of Zohar can not be understood with the Mind. It must be felt with the Heart, and then it becomes a river of overflowing Light in one's life.

In order for Reality to open up, we need to open up to reality first. Whether you are an atheist, religious or agnostic is inconsequential, as we all experience the same troublesome world. The only thing we need to change is our perception of the events and people that come into our lives. When we change the way we look at things the things we look at change. As you probably know, modern science recognizes that we can not talk about and objective reality without an observer.

The Zohar explains that the property of Judgment has to by mitigated with the property of Mercy and thus one surely advances in the middle line, and this brings Peace in one's life, as we experience a more wholesome reality, and we loose our fears.

Whoever can nullify himself with all of his might like a baby, out of the desire to enter the feeling discussed in The Book of Zohar, will succeed. This study doesn’t require intellect The Book of Zohar speaks to the heart for the purpose of opening a person’s emotions regarding the discernments of bestowal and receiving.

The sections of The Zohar aren’t equal. Some parts are simple in their language and depth and other parts are more difficult. When we have ‘entered’ emotionally, which is to say after we have become accustomed to The Book of Zohar’s style and have focused ourselves properly, then, we won’t only yearn, we will actually crave for The Zohar; we will develop a sort of particular appetite for it. The truth is that there is no difference between the depths of each and every section of The Zohar. The difference is only with reference to us who are the students.