What is God?

The Book of Zohar explains that God can not be something that we love, because we only love conditionaly, meaning we love only what is good to our ego.

God is something that we fear. If we are lucky enough to posses a conscience and a heart.

For example, if we take the first five words of the Bible:
"In the beginning God created..."

The Zohar explains that this is fact should be read as:
"The beginning created God"

"The beginning" is interpreted as the fear of God - please read (link to the text of The Zohar) and then it can be interpreted as: "The fear of God created God".

This may seem inappropriate for some, but if you look behind the common meaning, it is in fact true. There is no one that can claim emotional experiences are not as real as our physical experience. In fact our path in life is an inseparable mixture between the two.

We only need to redefine reality as an experience rather then a measurement.